8545 Buttemere Rd. Phelan, CA 92371 USA


Phone:        +1.760.868.2755

FAX:            +1.760.868.2755

E-mail:        foreverwild@verizon.net 

                           *Please do NOT email for appointments*

From 15 Freeway: Take Main Street exit, this will turn into Phelan Road and go West past Highway 395, past Baldy Mesa past train tracks you will see 2 churches on each side of road; we are about 3 streets after churches, turn left onto Buttemere Road, go down about 1 mile you will see Y in road. Stay to left go down small dip, regular cars can make it, come back up go down about 2 more streets and we will be on left side.  Please do not turn left and go to Almquist House, Learning Center is located on Buttemere Road you will see signage in parking area.
If you are coming from Highway 138 area: Take Phelan Road, go past Sheepcreek, past Johnson, past Wilson Ranch about 4 more streets, make a right on Buttemere Road and follow the rest of directions above.
We have had many types of cars without 4 wheel drive get to us just fine.  Everything from Ferraris to Dodge Vipers and even many big yellow school buses have made the trip just fine no problems at all. Please call ahead to confirm conditions if the weather is bad. 

We post frequently on social media about closures and special hours- please like us on Facebook to stay current on the most up to date info!

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