Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to preserving the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals through rescue, rehabilitation and education. By partnering with our community we can change animals lives and inspire future generations.


OUR History

Growing up around many different exotic animals it wasn't a complete surprise the Joel, co-founder, would start a rescue and rehabilitation facility with his wife, Chemaine in the local High Desert. After Acquiring their USDA and Fish & Game Licenses they were shocked to discover the horrible truth behind the exotic animal market. Every year thousands of captive bred exotic animals are put to sleep for many of the same reasons. Abandoned, abused, neglected or illegally obtained these animals all need the same thing, a home. Joel and Chemaine made the decision to do just that. With a great love for these animals they created Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary. They started to provide educational programs to help teach people about these beautiful animals and to raise money to support the rescue and rehabilitation efforts. But it hasn't been enough. To their disappointment every year some of the animals had to be turned away. So another decision was made. They became a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. Now they have great hopes that the donations will help them save and preserve wild animals and the educational programs will help teach people to do their part in protecting the animals land and lives from becoming extinct. 

In February of 2009 the Almquist Family after years of barely making it ,taking care of their family, and the extended family of Beautiful Animals, some one came to their rescue. They were the recipients of Extreme Home Makeover and for the first time they felt they might just make it. That was short lived, when in March the county announced that they could not allow the public to visit the new Learning Center and Sanctuary, until 1.5 miles of dirt road leading to Forever Wild was paved at a cost of over $1 million. This went on for several months, cutting into the donations and funds they could of made by being open to the public. On June 19, 2009 the county waived the need to pave Buttemere Road and Forever Wild proceeded to apply for the needed permits to allow the public to walk through their door. Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary had their Grand Opening to the Public on July 6, 2009. Their need for funds is now ever greater, due to the added costs of running a center now open to the public, and the fact that they have added several new cats and many other animal that were in need of a homes. In the coming years the hope is that Forever Wild will never have to turn away any animal in need. Currently the total monthly cost of running the sanctuary is around $10,000.00.

Today we are: 
A fabulously refurbished sanctuary. 
Continually outreaching to the public for support to continue efforts to protect all Exotic Animals in need.
Providing education to all ages to help make a difference to animals now and in the future.

With your help, Forever Wild can: 

Care for many more animals that will otherwise be euthanized. 
Host and educate the public in our new learning Center build by the community and Extreme Home Makeover.
Perform outreach services to schools and children .

Forever Wild provides a healthy, happy home for captive-bred animals that zoos will not take in, most of which would otherwise be euthanized.