Princess Diana


Princess Diana was born on Dec. 6th 2002 and came to us from an entertainer out of Las Vegas on August 29, 2009.  There was some delay in getting her to us because the owner was so sad in having to make the decision of giving her up.  He had found himself getting so busy with other avenues of his business to try to make ends meet that it was taking him away more and more from some of his other animals.  One of the hardest decisions to make is knowing that you can't do it anymore and as hard as it is to let go you have to look out for the ones you love.  

Finally after weeks of waiting, our first white tiger arrived . After having her for the many years of her life, her owner said some heartfelt goodbyes and went back on the road to where she once called home.  She has a new start, a new beginning her at Forever Wild and will soon learn that we have opened our hearts to her and that she will now know this as her home.  She has many years ahead of her and many new friends to make with us having 9 other tigers.  It will take time and we will wait patiently, chuffing each day to reassure her of the peace and comfort she has here for now and always. here.